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CyRoc Software was founded in 1987. Beginning in 1991, CyRoc began to focus solely on the upholstered furniture manufacturing industry.

The decision to concentrate on one area was made so that we could design the best solution for a specific industry, rather than a compromise solution for many different types of manufacturers. This also gives us the ability to do rapid implementation, due to familiarity with industry issues.

CyRoc Software has emerged as a leading provider of solutions for the upholstered furniture manufacturing industry. Our latest product, Cyroc, with rules-based configuration technology, provides the tools necessary to manage the complex inventory and manufacturing issues furniture manufacturers face. CyRoc contains technological capabilities usually seen only in the major ERP providers, but provides solutions that are easier to use, more flexible and extremely competitive.

CyRoc’s software is backed up by an outstanding support group. Sustained and controlled growth has allowed CyRoc to build a group of professionals who are experienced in both the furniture manufacturing industry and in computer technology.

Honesty, integrity, and partnership-building are principles required of all associates of CyRoc Software. We are about building real relationships with our business partners, however large or small. By joining CyRoc you become part of a growing group of people dedicated to using the latest computer technology to increase efficiency and profitability.


CyRoc partners with industry leading experts

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Headquartered in the West Midlands, UK, has been providing businesses with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions for over twenty years, from core financial and accounts software, to full enterprise wide packages for manufacturing, distribution, process control and project management.

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Progress Software

Progress Software Corporation is a global leader in the e-commerce and database technology markets. Their corporate headquarters are located in Bedford, MA, USA and they have regional offices throughout the world.

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